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BA103 Business Law

Final Exam

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Which of the following would be considered an example of "shaping moral standards," as seen as a 1) _____ function of the law? A) laws granting freedom of speech and religion
B) laws preventing overthrow of the government
C) laws discouraging drug and alcohol abuse
D) laws providing rights to peaceful protest

2) The Supreme Court case decision on the case of Brown v. Board of Education was important 2) _____ because it exhibited ________.
A) the state's supremacy over federal rulings
B) the scope of flexibility of the law
C) the use of the affirmative action policy
D) the importance of following precedence

3) Which school of jurisprudence views law as a sort of evolutionary process, where changing norms 3) _____ of society will be reflected in the law?
A) the Sociological School of jurisprudence
B) the Historical School of jurisprudence
C) the Analytical School of jurisprudence
D) the Natural Law School of jurisprudence

4) What was the key reason for the creation of law courts during the early development of the English 4) _____ common law?
A) to help merchants form a standardized set of commercial laws B) to facilitate legal disputes for the wealthy and influential C) to administer law in a uniform manner
D) to increase the power of the king in law-making

5) What is considered as the supreme law of the land in the United States?5) _____ A) judicial decisions issued by the state courts
B) executive orders passed by the President
C) the Constitution of the United States of America
D) the federal statutes passed by the United States Congress

6) Which of the following cases describes an agreement of ethics and laws?6) _____ A) A person hiring an illegal alien worker whose family is in destitute. B) A company not spending more money to keep its emission rates below the legal standard. C) A company outsourcing its jobs to a foreign country.

D) A person being penalized for bribing a judge to rule a case in the person's favor.

7) ________ Act is a federal statute that permits private parties to sue companies for fraud on behalf of 7) _____ the government and share in any monetary recovery.
A) Glass-SteagallB) False Claims
C) Sarbanes-OxleyD) Business Norms

8) How are ethical rules established in Kantian ethics?8) _____ A) by following principles that have been derived from holy books B) by choosing the alternative that's best for society as a whole C) by an individual's feelings on what is right and wrong

D) by a set of universal rules that are based on consistency and reversibility

9) A social responsibility theory of business which says that a corporation's duty is to make a profit 9) _____ while avoiding causing harm to others is referred to as ________. A) maximizing profitsB) moral minimum

C) corporate citizenshipD) stakeholder interest

10) What is "corporate citizenship" as a social responsibility theory in business?10) _____ A) Businesses owe a duty to take actions that increase profits for shareholders. B) Businesses are responsible to even helping solve social problems that it did not cause. C) Businesses have a responsibility solely to its stakeholders, and should strive to maximize their well-being. D) Businesses are obliged to consider the effects its actions have on persons other than its shareholders.

11) The geographical area served by each U.S. court of appeals is referred to as a ________.11) _____ A) rangeB) circuitC) districtD) county

12) Which of the following courts was created by Article III of the U.S. Constitution?12) _____ A) U.S. Court of Federal ClaimsB) U.S. Court of Appeals
C) U.S. Supreme CourtD) U.S. Tax Court

13) In the U.S. Supreme Court, if a majority of the justices agree as to the outcome of a case...
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