Ba Main Transformation Process

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Quality assurance Pages: 13 (3545 words) Published: January 6, 2012
Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to discuss the main theories, models, frameworks and issues in the area of operations management, using British Airways as a working model, throughout the report. It was prepares for a coursework assignment as part of a Operations Management Module

Academic journals and books from the area of operations management were used to illustrate the main points in the report to give evidence and back up the information provided.

Key findings of this report show how quality impacts on the development of the operations strategy in British Airways and how the key elements of design contribute hugely in operations.

The importance and role of supply chain was discussed and three quality control methods; Quality Sampling, Total Quality Management and ISO 9000 were evaluated to how they could improve the performance of British Airways.

Conclusions were drawn and it was found that operations management, based on the points discussed is a major factor to an organisations success.

Contents Page

Page Number

1. Introduction4
2. BA’s Main Transformation Process 5 & 6
3. Quality & Operations Strategy 7, 8 & 9 4. Design in Operations 10
4.1Concept Generation10
2. Concept Screening10
4.3Preliminary Design 10 & 11
4.4Evaluation and Improvement11
4.5Prototyping and final design 11 & 12
5. The Role of Supply Chain 13
1. Quality13
2. Speed14
3. Dependability14
4. Flexibility15
5. Cost15
6. Quality Control Methods16
1. Quality Sampling17
2. Total Quality Management 17 & 18
3. ISO 900018
7. Conclusions19
8. References 20 & 21

1. Introduction

This report has been issued by University as part of this Operations Management module, in which a company will be selected and used as a working model throughout the report. The chosen company that will be used in relation to operations management is British Airways (hereafter BA).

The various elements of operations management will be researched and applied to BA’s main transformation process. This will be done using academic articles and books in the area of operations management to illustrate the main points.

The report will begin with an overview of BA’s main transformation process indicating key inputs and outputs and then investigate how quality might impact upon the development of the operation strategy. Next it will review the key elements of design and how this impacts on the operation. Finally the role of supply chain in BA’s operation will be discussed and three different quality control methods will be evaluated to show how these might improve the performance in operations. Conclusions will be drawn and any overriding management issues identified.

2. BA’s Main Transformation Process

The transformation process is a “model that describes operations in terms of their input resources, transforming processes and outputs of goods or services” (Slack et al, 2008, Page 8) BA use their aircrafts and staff which allows passengers and freight to travel from one destination to another thus, making this BA’s main transformation process.

The operations function of a business is the arrangement of the resources which are allocated to the production and delivery of an organisations goods and services. Three roles that are important for an operations function are the implementer, supporter and driver of the business strategy. In this example the operations functions follows the inputs of the transformation process.

BA’s main transformation process inputs are the 238 aircraft in service, 32 million passengers, and 760,000 tonnes of cargo that it carried in 2009/10...

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