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S-Tab by HTC
Tablet for Institutions

Quietly Integrating a Campus the Cost Effective Way...…Brilliant


Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Brief discussion of product/service3
Mission Statement4
Marketing Objectives4
Industry Analysis:4
Industry Sales Trends:4
Competitive Analysis7
Customer Analysis8
Four quadrants8
Target customer:8
Roles and job titles in buying center8
Marketing Research8
Survey Questions8
Develop elements of marketing mix10
Product Strategy10
Pricing Strategy11
Place Strategy11
Promotion Strategy11
Sales/Sales Management12

Tablet for Institutions:
S-Tab by HTC
Executive Summary

    The concept of a fully integrated tablet for students to utilize at higher education institutions has been a long overdue thought until now.  The aim of a school tailored tablet would be for students to compress all of their textbooks, workbooks, folders, and papers into an easy to carry, easy to use electronic device that would cut down on paper waste and allowing interaction with the school easier than ever before.  Accessory products will be run through mini hdmi and mini usb ports allowing the use of a wide range of functions to be used.  Accessories will include a full keyboard, book light, and a mouse.  Another accessory would be a case for the tablet that can be school customized for color and logo.  The tablet, manufactured by HTC, will be tailored to any specifications of the schools choosing and allow each school to have their own customized tablet.  The tablets will be interactive in the classroom and a learning tool outside of it.  Producing a low priced, highly customizable item will push this tablet to the front of the industry, causing it to gain a lot of interest among higher education schools causing sales to skyrocket.  This product will be a hot item in the area of schools going green as the tablet could extinguish the use of school books completely.  All of the books would be E-copies able to download onto the tablet itself.  The student will also be able to take notes, record lectures, and share notes while in the classroom with the tablets.  HTC will also sell the tablets directly to the schools taking out the middleman.  Once the school purchases the tablets they will rent the tablets out to all the students because every student will need one to be able to keep up with the integrated campus.  Ultimately the tablet is designed for ease of use and to make classroom learning more functional to keep up with the technological times.  The main competitor for this tablet will be Apple with their I-pad, but the S-tab is already one step ahead being fully customizable.   Brief discussion of product/service

    The product will be a tablet computer manufactured by HTC.  The tablet will vary among schools as the schools will be able to select certain features and benefits for the tablet to make it completely customized for each school it is delivered to.  The tablets will be a low priced, highly capable item.  In the classroom the tablets will be interactive in the way that they will be able to link to each other and the professor for the ability to take a test or possibly share notes.  For the student it will be easy to carry, easy to use, and reduce paper waste.  The tablet will be able to hold E-books, be able to take notes, share notes, record lectures, and be a great classroom learning tool.

Mission Statement
HTC’s mission statement is:
“HTC’s mission is to become the leading, innovative provider of mobile information and communication terminals by providing innovative design, production and word-class logistics and service opportunities.” Marketing Objectives

* Create product awareness though free trials and demos at trade shows the first year of production. * Inform target audience about features and benefits of our product and its...

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