B2B marketing

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Question 1
List several characteristics that differentiate business transactions from consumer ones? The term B2B refers to transactions between 2 businesses where both the buyer and seller are business owners. Hence, in B2B environment, the product is not sold to end users. Buyers purchase products in large quantities to satisfy the demands of their local consumers. Where, B2C refers to transactions between a business and end-user. An example of B2C can be one of any local stores. The store is a business which sells products to local consumers or end users. Today, with the e-commerce developments we can say that online stores like Amazon or Ebay are also considered as a B2C business. As for marketing for these two types, there are some characteristics which differs them from each other. When you are marketing to a B2B you want to focus on the logic of the product. You do this by focusing on the features of the product. There is little personal emotion involved in the purchasing decision. You want to focus on understanding the organizational buyers and how they operate within the confines of their organization's procedures. The B2B market has a thirst for knowledge and they are information seekers. As a marketer in B2B area you should be more in-depth with your marketing materials. Your most effective marketing message should be focused on how your product or service saves them time, money and resources. When you are marketing to a consumer you want to focus on the benefits and values of the product. Mostly the buying decision is based on the emotions or personal attitudes to that product. Consumers are less likely to be interested in a lengthy marketing message. They will want you to get right to the point. Consumers don't want to work to understand your benefits, instead they will want you to clearly point out the benefits to them. Your most effective marketing strategies should focus on the results/values and the benefits that your product or service...
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