B2B Assignment

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B2B Assignment
Chapter 2 -10:
One purchasing executive observed “Online auctioning is an appropriate way to buy some category of products and services but it is entirely inappropriate for others” Agree or Disagree?? Provide support for your position

As per the above statement online buying of products & services can be appropriate for some & inappropriate for others. Advantages of online auctioning of products and services
Bidding and buying the products through online auction is going very popular these days. Everyone loves to shop; the only real difference is what you like to buy and where. Online Auction is the best way of shopping. They offer a common platform where buyers and sellers can bid or sell just about anything. Online auctions present great opportunities to entrepreneurs and shoppers alike. Today everyone wants the availability of his desired products and services over a global place, from where he can choose the variety as per his requirement. Online auction is an easiest and reachable way to find the best products at reasonable price. Online auction is generally a publicly held sale in which goods are sold to the highest bidder. It is the best place to choose what to you want on affordable price. It provides a wide variety of products at prices that can’t be beat. It works similar to live auctions. A minimum price has to be met, and a deadline is set for the auction to end. The main advantage of online auction is that one cannot depend on time to bid for the product. They can bid anytime. It is beneficial for those people who have no more time to spend in the market for searching their desired products.  They can find everything on just a click which is provided by online auction site. On internet many online auction sites are available with different policies and somewhere with different product as well as with different brand. With the help of auction sites one can find the full detail of the product with other accessories used by that product. Online bidding is not limited to electronics or household items. It also includes sale or resale of property and assets, sale of motor vehicles, but also bargaining in the corporate field. Online auctions can also be a very profitable home based business. Many people worldwide have made much money from their auction sites online. Through online auctions, you have the chance to sell or buy just about anything you could ever want. What are you waiting for – go after what you really want to buy. Enjoy your bidding The Internet has brought about major changes in the way that people interact with one another, and this includes the world of business. The Internet has given rise to e-procurement, through which businesses can interact with one another without being hampered by location. E-procurement results in much more efficient operations but does take some time to implement properly, Business owners desiring to get into e-procurement should consider the advantages and disadvantages before making a business decision to move to the Internet. 1. Defining E-Procurement

* E-procurement (or business-to-business networks) is an online system by which companies can be connected directly to suppliers for the purpose of buying products and services at the lowest cost possible. E-procurement essentially replaces its offline version, called tendering. The advantages and disadvantages of e-procurement mostly parallel the universal benefits and disadvantages of the Internet. A Brief History of E-Procurement

* E-procurement increased in the second half of 1999, when online auctions and product catalogs became commonplace on the Internet and continued to expand. The convenience online buying offered, even in its infancy, led e-procurement to reach as high as $145 billion in transactions in 1999, according to a 2001 article in "Product Inventory and Management Journal," by Evgeniy Ageshin. A study by Deloitte Consulting in the fall of 1999 concluded that...
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