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Part I

In this short report, I hope to help you understand and change your current situation, using a concept from Study Session 2, The External Environment (B120 Book 1).

Part (a)

I believe the problems affecting The Lodge Bistro are:
High staff turnover.
Growing completion.
Inconsistency in the approach of the managers.
Conflicting Managers.
Reduced spending by customers.
Company Standards lowering.
Dated Décor and Menu.
Inexperienced staff.
Low quality food being served.
Custom Economic Climate.

Part (b)

I have used the concept STEEP to identify the problems at The Lodge Bistro. STEEP has five factors:


These five factors help to define and analyse external environments, providing an accurate understanding of them. By doing a STEEP analysis it means you can identify the external environments that influence your business enabling you to identify problems and solutions. This is my finding when doing a STEEP analysis for The Lodge Bistro:

Sociological Factors:

The Décor and Menu are based on the first Café that opened in 1989 and are Outdated. Although this image may be keeping your older more loyal customers happy, they are visiting less frequently and are not spending as much money as they used to.

Managers are adopting different approaches in areas including Staff Recruitment, Training and Appraisals, Food Production and Provision, resulting in high staff turnover, inexperienced staff and low quality food being served.

Technological Factors:

Technology is not being used to its full potential like competitors, therefore you are losing consumers and advertising materials.

Environmental Factors:

There is an increasing number of new restaurants, coffee shops and fast food chains opening up across the Country attracting more custom.

The high turnover in staff decreases morale and put more pressure on existing Staff and Managers having to...
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