aztec vs mongols

Topics: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Mexico City Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: January 15, 2015
Gianna Lombardo
Period 5
AP World
Essay #3 Aztecs VS Mongols
The Mongols and the Aztecs evolved on completely opposite sides of the world, so they had a substantial amount of differences. The contrasted culturally and socially. For example, religion was one of the numerous differences between the two. Also, the foundation of their societies was different as well; one being based on agriculture and the other being nomadic. However, they were not different in every aspect. The Mongols and Aztecs were similar politically because both had substantial and powerful militaries.

Culturally, the Aztecs and Mongols were different, particularly with their religions. The Aztec Empire worshipped their Sun God; they believed that the sun was a gift from the Gods and that as it goes down every night, they're required to make sacrifices in order to make it rise up again the next morning. Their king had to be a descendant of the Sun God in order to rule and he lived in a large religious temple. On the other hand, the Mongols were tolerant of most religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Shamanism, Islam). There were few places of worship because of the fact that they were nomadic, but they did praise their Allah. The empire first began as Pagans but eventually Islam became the favored religion of the empire because the Mongols went into the middle east.They did not sacrifice people, but they did animals. This religious difference exists because the two empires are on reverse regions of the globe, the Mongols in central Asia/Middle East and the Aztecs in present day Mexico; Therefore we know that the different areas of the world followed different customs and religions.

The Aztecs and Mongols also contrasted socially, specifially because of the foundation of their civilizations. The Aztecs based their civilization on agriculture. They lived in what is Mexico today which had fertile soil and was surrounded by water, thus making it easier to maintain crops and create a system...
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