Aztec Empire Essay

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Aztec Empire, also known as Mexica, was formed by certain ethnic groups in Central Mexico, especially those who spoke the Nahuatl language and politically and militarily dominated a vast region of Mesoamerica in the XIV, XV and XVI. Tenochtitlan in the Valley of Mexico, was the capital of the Aztec civilization.
In Nahuatl, the language of the Mexica, Aztecatl means "one who comes from Aztlán". In 1810, Alexander von Humbolt coined the term Aztec applicable to all persons associated by commerce, customs, religion and language to the Mexica State. This term was adopted by all historians in the world to differentiate current Mexican Mexicans before the conquest.
According to the Codice Boturini, in 1300 the Aztecs were the last tribe to arrive...

They held an extraordinary warrior feat in just 70 years built the largest empire in Mesoamerica and formed the Triple Alliance.

The Aztecs excelled in the different branches of science. Especially innovations in architecture, as evidenced by the buildings described in the chronicles of the Spaniards and the ruins that we can still appreciate. In the city center was the sacred enclosure, formed by temples to each god of Aztec cosmology and palaces, among which was the Great Temple, dedicated to Tlaloc, god of rain and Huitzilopochtli, god of the sun.
Its breakthrough technology allowed them to build the whole city on a lake, with only three roads communicating with the mainland. They built rectangular sections with spaces for the passage of the trajineras and canoes on the canals. Among the sections of roads wooden platforms that rose to make way for the ships were placed. To raise them, these bridges also became a defense and protective barrier.
The chinampas were fields that were built over the water and were the best farmland, as this perpetually damp earth could produce up to seven crops a year. This allowed them to have their own food production, a key development factor of this...
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