Aztec Art

Topics: Art Nouveau, Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: May 9, 2010
Aztec Art

During the 15th-16 century mosaic was made from turquoise, iron pyrites and shell on carved wood. The Most important animal towards the Aztec religion was a snake.

Antonio Gaudi
Antonio Gaudi is an internationally famous architect and designer from Spain known not only in specialised circles but also among the general public. He was born in Rues, in Catalonia and graduated in Barcelona. He worked with different famous artists of his time. He learned different types of style and integrated different elements like wrought iron, stained glass, sculptural work, mosaics and ceramics. .He was very famous because he was brave enough to create art that is different from the other artist work. That is why he was admired but also criticised for his work. Ancient art depend on straight line, rigidity and order in forms whereas modern art from Gaudi marked the arrival of Arte Nouveau at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. He got most of his idea of constructing from medieval books that illustrate of oriental structures and organic shapes of nature. Gaudi wasn’t that comfortable to use the style so he made his own way that he develop himself. He was influenced by an Englishman John Ruskin, William Morris and Viollet-le-Duc’s. All of them were talking about the origin of Architecture and medieval French architecture.

He is quite famous of his art that he creates like the Sagrada Familia and the Guell Park in Barcelona where he built the famous serpentine bench.

Gaudí sought out stimulus for his creations in medieval books, in the gothic art that was then experiencing a renaissance, in illustrations of oriental structures and in the organic shapes of nature. The straight line, rigidity and order in forms was broken with the arrival of Arte Nouveau at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. Gaudí was not insensitive to this change, and developed a style of his own. The theoretical writings of Englishman John Ruskin, who in 1853...
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