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Aztec and Mayan Difference

By fcbarcelona1010 Oct 21, 2012 343 Words
Aztec and Mayan differences

One difference between the Aztec and the Mayan is the location, and time period

they were in. The Aztec and Mayan lived in the same time period but the Mayan had

actually been around longer than the Aztecs. The start of the Mayan empire began before

the Aztec as well but, once the Aztec empire began they were the dominant empire in

Mesoamerica. Location the Aztec were located in central Mexico were Mexico City now

lies and the Mayan were located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Another difference between the Aztec and the Mayan is they spoke different

languages. The Aztecs spoke nahuatl and the Mayan spoke Maya. One of the differences

is that the Aztec language was poorly understood and less popular than the Mayan

language. The Mayan language however is considered one of the most striking visually writhing systems in the world.

The Aztec and Mayan had a different way of ruling their empires. The Aztec were

ruled by a supreme ruler. The Mayan had city states each ruled by a sovereign ruler.

Because the Aztec were a big group while the Mayan were many groups in one.

The Aztec and Mayan had different names for their deities. They both had a

feathered serpent god for the Aztec the god was called Quetzalcoatl and for the Mayan it

was Kukulcan. Not only that they also had different gods that had different roles. They

also had different views of these gods the Aztec believed they needed to sacrifice a lot of

people to please them while the Mayan not so much.

Last of all The Aztec were warlike and the Mayan were scientific. The Aztec

waged war against other tribes forcing them to pay tribute. The Aztec were proud of their

war tradition which in one can be concluded why they died out they lived by the sword

and died by the sword. The Mayan studied stars were they came up with a very scientific

calendar, and were obsessed with astronomy. Therefore the Mayan were true to life.

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