Ayn Rand

Topics: Ayn Rand, Ethical egoism, Collectivism Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: October 20, 2013
In the book Anthem, Ayn Rand promotes her ideals of human nature by creating a society in which individualism is a sin. The protagonist, Equality struggles in this world as he questions the belief of collectivism that his government enforces on their people. Equality realizes "To be free, a man must be free of his brothers” it means that he can't succeed in life if he is not independent and different from everyone who is in his society.Equality displays Ayn Rand's belief of egoism by rediscovering electricity and trying to share it with his society, falling in love with liberty and teaching liberty of individualism, and standing up to his oppressive government/ council.

In the world Equality lives it is forbidden for any man to do anything alone with no brothers or sister in attendance to witness or supervise it. Equality blatantly broke this rule when he rediscovered electricity in the tunnel of the old world.In his secret underground tunnel, a symbol of his divergent path in life, Equality eventually learns to harness the powers of electricity. He rejoices, even gloats, over his discovery and the benefit it will give to the community once accepted. In this critical point in the novel, Rand demonstrates that even the impetus for the most revolutionary breakthroughs resides in the ego. But tragically, when Equality presents his invention to the House of Scholars, the Scholars cannot see the truth of the discovery, the profit that lies beyond its individualist origins, and demand the destruction of the newly created “evil” (74). Insulted, Equality takes his creation and escapes to the Uncharted Forest, where he spends the rest of his days. There, he realizes that he did not create this invention “for the good of our [his] brothers,” but rather because of his own eagerness to discover (76). In this realization, Equality unlocks another facet of the ego: a desire for self-achievement.

Liberty 5-3000 and Equality love for each other, also promoted Ayn Rand...
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