Ayala Museum

Topics: Image, Painting, Juan Luna Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: May 4, 2013
It is where collections of iconic paintings, historic dioramas and historic costumes ar displayed. Our class had a fieldtrip to the Ayala museum to control inspiration and to observe the vintage filipinana costumes. I havent been in a museum since grade-school, so I got precise mad when I arrived there. Before we went upstairs, where the main exhibits argon, we walked around the lobby theater of operations where there are pictures from Cory Aquinos memorial and articles of bloodstained habit that Ninoy wore. Also in the ground floor is an exhibit of new(a) art, which I find very interesting. We went to the top floor where The specious of the Ancestors are displayed. I re on the wholey liked how the entrance is very dramatic, and how the lighting effects evokes mood when you step in the door. We watched a film about gold which I enjoyed, after that we are free to walk around. I detect that almost all of the gold displays are very thin and hollow, almost stupefy like. I really liked the jewelleries especially. I noticed how nigh have similar patterns and designs, I saw spiral trilateral and dotted patterns a lot, maybe the ancient goldsmiths carry the akin techniques. Outside the gold exhibit is where the costumes are in.

I noticed many pictures of Damian Domingos paintings from our lectures before, below those pictures are displays of actual clothing. The fabrics are really thin and delicate, and the embroideries are very intricate, you can range its hand sewn. Patterns are very simple, and I noticed many an(prenominal) of the pieces share the same pattern. I wanted to touch some of the clothes but everything was behind glass. On the floor below we viewed historic paintings from some of the greatest Filipino artist. I was draw into the paintings of Juan luna, because I am more familiar with his works, especially the adult female with Manton painting, which was shown in class.
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