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AWillochell DiSanzaEnglishCompIIW1

By april234 Aug 09, 2015 389 Words
 April Willochell-DiSanza English Comp II – W1 Superman and Me Interpretation

I believe that Alexie used many tools in order to grab his audience and keep them captured throughout his story. Alexie used his personal experience to guide up through the story and capture the audience with his feelings and emotions throughout his life. He showed how he went from and Indian boy who could not read at all, to a man who could write and many looked up to. Alexie showed how he was a child who used to look up to his father and transitioned into a man children could look up to.

Alexie started off as a child who could not read. He only got by with the knowledge that words had meaning and that they carried knowledge. It caused him to “think of everything in the term of paragraphs.” (Schakel, Ridl (2012), pg5) This concept helped point him towards the superman comic where he turned pictures and actions into words. This then transitioned him into teaching himself to read. I know that this alone really kept my attention because it was interesting how he converted his knowledge of the Superman comic into reading books such as The Grapes of Wrath. Alexie was a man on a mission.

How Alexie explained his love for reading and the fact that it carried him well into adulthood kept me captured in this piece. I think that if he didn’t put as much enthusiasm into his writing, that his work would not be the success it is. Alexie made himself relatable in the fact that he came from a humble background, worked hard and used his knowledge, and then took his gift and shared it with others. He captured his audience by describing his experience as “trying to save our lives.” (Schakel, Ridl (2012), pg.6) I think that any person could easily read this story and be able to relate some struggle they’ve had to Alexie’s. I believe that if he wouldn’t have put his whole heart into this piece that we would not be captured by his struggles and then later share in these victories. Sherman Alexie has truly used many writing tools to capture his audience and keep them entangled to the very end.

Schakel, P., & Ridl, J. (2012). Approaching Literature. Boston: Bedford St. Martains.

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