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Lewis 1
Christopher Lewis
Edith Weise
ENG 0900-600
15 September 2014
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Summers come and summers go, but this summer was one I’ll never forget. Every year, my friends and I get together and go canoeing. About ten of us go to Ayers Landing, which has a 12-mile canoe trip that takes close to eight hours, but this day we decided to go on the 6-mile trip. At the end of the trip is a big cliff where people jump in the water. The jump is about 80 feet, and the only way up it is to scale the rock wall. The morning of the canoeing, getting in the water, and finally seeing the cliff are experiences I will never forget.

The morning of the jump, we got together at my family’s bar to have a bloody or two. The rentals was not till noon, so we tell everyone to be there early. Normally aiming for 10:00 am, but people always are late. My brother talks about jumping every time we go, but I always refuse to because it’s not safe. The jumps about 80 feet high, and the water is so dirty no one can see the bottom. I remember my brother trying to reason with me this time, explaining it’s not that bad.

Noon is here before we know it. Everyone loads on the bus, and we’re off. The drive is only about 15 minutes, so by the time we have another beer we’re there. We grab all our belongings and start canoeing. Before long, someone pulls out a bottle of fireball, and that is passed around till it’s gone. Next, is the Boons Farm races, which ultimately is why I jumped. Everyone gets into a single file line and passes the bottle till it’s gone. The losing team today has to jump off Ayers landing. The Boons Farm race is over and unfortunately I’m on the losing team.

The last bend is in sight and the six mile trip is almost over. Just around that bend is a rock wall that I agreed to climb. I think to myself, am I too drunk to climb it? What if I chicken out at the top and can’t jump? No more thinking about it, the walls right there....
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