Away by Michael Gow: Character Analysis

Topics: Given names, King Lear, Woman Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: August 15, 2011
The death of Coral’s son has caused an emotional breakdown as she cannot accept her son’s death. Moreover, Coral has lost her social identity and tends to struggle to find a connection with anyone, as she “can’t think of anything to say” (Act 2, Scene 2). Her husband, Roy, is annoyed by her bizarre attitude and this causes Coral to lower herself to the behavior of a naïve child “I’ll be good! I’ll improve!” When Coral does begin to speak, it is presented as very expressive and mournful. Her tone is filled with emotion as she is constantly “wiping away tears”.

Coral finally begins to socialize, with a woman named Leonie. She seems instigated by the fact that Leonie (the woman) appeared to be hiding something. Leonie (like Roy) attempts to conceal her distress with a social disguise. Whilst dismissing Leonie, Coral visualizes Rick as a duplicate of her son. Rick is similar in context with her son; however he is different in circumstance. By conserving a close-knitted friendship with Rick, she continues to retain the visual memory of her son.


Gwen is a unhappy woman on the brink of a nervous breakdown. She is a nagging housewife who seems to complain or suggest a certain opinion about the slightest of situations. Her character displays the type of relationship she has with her loved ones, family, and friends and so on. As she has no intimacy or emotional connection with her daughter Meg, Meg shows no respect or courtesy towards Gwen. “Meg: When you’re married to someone, do you ever wish they were dead?” Jim: Please don’t be harsh towards your mother”. Meg despises Gwen because she is always nagging, seems materialistic, acts bossy and manipulative as well as being a snob in general.

Gwen’s insecurity relates to her obsession with materialism, as she feels she has to always be in control of the situation. As much as being emotional, Gwen is just as economic and fearful. “Roy: We stuck to our plans like the Bible. And we’re getting there… My...
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