Award Speech

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Special Occasion Speech

Heading: Today ladies and gentleman it is my privilege to present the award for the strongest child of the year award. Introduction
I. Hook: Imagine being a few weeks old finding yourself on the side of the road buried in some smelly trash or thrown into a deep, dark, muddy hole near the busy streets of Nairobi, Kenya. No sign of your parents, food, or shelter. You are ultimately helpless. I. Credential Statement: Last year during spring break I had the privilege to go on a mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya with eleven other classmates. II. Thesis: I’ve been preparing for this trip and was so excited to finally see how God could use me to serve others, but little did I know that a little boy name Harry was going to change my view on life forever. Body

I. Rehema Home
A. 53 children 3-11 years old
C. No shoes, barely clothing
II. Harry
A. About Harry
1. Huge Smile
2. 9 years old
3. Side of the road
B. Physical Condition
2. Heart stopped four times
3. Breathing Machine
4. Fluid in his lungs
5. Wheel Chair
6. Going Blind
C. Faith
1. First thing he told me (John 15:12)
III. How this applies to me and the audience
A. Always turn to God when things get rough
B. He’s always going to be there for us
C. Always love one another because you never know when your life will be taken away

Conclusion: Harry deserves this award because no matter what life throws at him he always stays strong in Christ. I have never seen anyone as passionate about Christ than Harry and that fascinates me because even though he has no parents, is deathly ill and doesn’t even have any possessions of his own, he still praises the Lord to no limit. He truly made me appreciate what I had and to never ever take anything for granted. He showed me how absolutely blessed I am in this life. He has been through so much and it truly shows how much strength this child has...
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