Avtec India- Summer Training

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AVTEC: Its backairound:-
The power unit plant of, AVTEC India Ltd. Which was initially the passenger car division, was established in 1984? The division comprised of state of art manufacturing complex, manufacturing fuel-efficient engines and transmission, basically for passenger car application. The division is spread over an area 153Hectare. The total investment in the division including the machinery amounted to around Rs.1840 million. The main assimilation of technology was from Isuzu Japan. The production in this - division commenced from 1987. At present plant has manufacturing capacity of l5000 power units per annum. The division can boast of ultra modern research and development facilities for design, development and testing of engines and transmissions. The division also carries out systematic training programs and in 1995-96 the division achieved 4 man-days of training per employee per year. The division believes in taking every ones views through their Participate Knowledge Center present within the division complex, the complex comprises of about 15000 tress and shrubs and 60000 meters of fully developed leans.

AVTEC India Ltd.Pithampur:
- The Pithampur division was established in the year 1984 covering an area of 153 hectare. The total investment in the division including the machinery amounted to Rs.1840 million. This division comprises of state of art of manufacturing complex, fuel-efficient engines and transmission system, basically for passenger car division. Hindustan motors-PUP is an ISO 9001 & IS014001 company. It has entered into technical collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), Japan for building LANCER cars. Presently this unit is manufacturing Gasoline and Diesel versions of engines, transmission axles for its models Ambassador NOVA, and Contessa cars, Trekker and recently launched indigenously made Rural Transport Vehicle (RTV). Besides it has also started with the production line of assemblage of Lancer cars.

The PUP was established in year 1984. There has been an assimilation of technology from ISUZU Japan. The production started in 1987. It is basically a feeder unit to the auto division, situated m Uttarpara and Lancer Car Plant at Chennai. The organization has introduced many new products since then now sources Engines & Transmissions to World Class Automobile Co. such as FORD&GENERAL MOTORS. It is one of the most modern engineeringplants in India with technologically advanced machines. Concept of self-inspection, systems and quality being followed by this plant has given the IS09001 certificate. The ultra modern plant has acquired modern sophisticated facility for manufacture, assembly and testing of new generation fuel-efficient ISUZU engines and transmissions. It credits itself with 100%technoiogy transfer from ISUZU Motors, including the crucial gear technology.

The manufacturing process has been fully automated with the half of high productive, high precision CNC machine and state of art flexible machining system i.e. controlled by a sophisticated computer system. Usage of Computer Aided Design changes and incorporation of new models.

The in-house machine components included Cylinder block, Main drive, Gear Assy, Cylinder Head, Transmission, Idler & Counter Gear, Crankshaft, Sleeves etc. A concept of self-inspection ensures that emphasis is on reliability and process control. Under a well-established assurance system, products are subjected to audit test by Quality Assurance Department to confirm all round high quality.

AVTEC: its alliances:
Mitusibushi Motors has marked the cutting edge if automotive innovation for more than 75 years. Since 1971, Mitusibushi has consistently introducing innovation to make its vehicle perform at higher level, as well as to make them reliable and safer. Today Mitusibushi is one of the leading automakers in Asia and the world producing a complete line of...
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