Avon case study

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Question One:
Evaluate Avon’s operations in global markets regarding the use of international cadre development and building company associates and independent representatives. Answer:
International cadre development is
I believe Avon has been very successful in its international human resources management in global market. First of all, Avon’s first female CEO took charge of company and implemented efficient policies to make the company get out of debt problem and sluggish sales problem. Secondly, Avon also focuses on international market. It is stated that Avon has more than 5million independent representatives worldwide. In 2005, Avon’s revenues surpassed $8.5 billion and profit was $847.6 million. Approximately 70% of the company’s revenues come from selling in international markets. They hire millions local door-to-door representatives who know well about local culture. Meanwhile, to improve the quality of their workforce, Avon runs leadership program and on-the-job training seminar on a regular basis. Thirdly, Avon set up Avon foundation to help charitable program and women issues around the world. Fourthly, Avon also builds up its good reputation by workforce diversity and minority recruitment. Avon hires and trains the new local workforce in its door-to-door selling model (Avon’s salespeople and company representatives become more critical in their door-to-door selling in diverse markets). Avon’s distribution strategies also adapt to the local needs because of working women or other cultural and logistical considerations and include mail, phone, fax, retail outlets, and web site. Question Two

Since 70 percent of Avon’s revenues are generated outside of US, what recommendations would you provide to the company regarding dealing with a culturally diverse workforce and a multicultural marketplace in the coming years?  Answer

Developing cultural competence results in an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people...
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