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Topics: Automobile, Bullying, Driving Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: November 6, 2013
ROAD bullying has been around since automobiles were invented and roads built to enable people to move around in machines.

But ostensibly, road bullies don’t pick on everyone or even anyone at random. They instinctively pick out and bully the weakest – which is typical pack animal behaviour.

Victims need to learn how to deal with their tormentors. Rather than protection from anyone else, what they need is education to stop being and acting like victims.

According to one study, more than half of all drivers have experienced a surge of road bullying at some point. And a lot of accidents happen each year because of aggressive driving.

Road bullies don’t see the victim as a person. They do what social scientists term as ‘thingify’ the victim – that is viewing their target as a ‘thing’ rather than a person.

According a prominent psychologist, the heavy metal of a car is a safe haven and road ragers don’t think about the consequences or even about other people on the road as real people with real families.

In addition, violent behaviour of road bullies may be due to other factors of his or her life – for instance, stress at home or with a family.

The psychologist says road bullies may also be inflamed by the absent-minded or stupid driving of those talking on cell phones, adding:

“This is quite common since verbal confrontations on the phone can lead to confrontations on the road. It works both ways.”

On the home front, just last year, a motorcyclist was fighting for his life at the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital in Kuantan, Pahang, after one of two men in a car stabbed him in the abdomen for unintentionally grazing their car.

The victim was reportedly heading home when his motorcycle grazed the car at a traffic light junction.

An argument was said to have ensued before the two men in the car drove away. Later, the motorcyclist and the duo met again at another traffic light junction and this time, one of the car occupants reportedly...
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