Avoid Being Late

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Avoid Being late.

Avoid Being Late
Lasonya Dawson
Grand Canyon University
October 24, 2010

Avoid Being Late
The act of being late can be avoided by taking certain measures. The first thing you have to be able to do is admit that you had a problem with being on time. The next thing you have to do is be able to identify what causes you to be late. The next thing that you have to be is willing to do is make the necessary changes to correct the issues. The issue can be corrected with acknowledging all of the above and realize that this can be a very career threatening thing. The admittance that you have issue with being on time is the very first step in starting the process is resolving the issue. When you are late the problem starts in the preparation of the day before or the day of. One has to be able to picture in their mind what needs to be the day before and have a backup plan if needed. If one is in denial that they have a problem being on time, then there is little that can be done to correct the issue. Once you have acknowledged the issue then you can find a solution or set up some type of system to resolve it.

One has to be able to identify what triggers or causes them to be late. When you realize the point when time starts to get in a bit of a crunch could be sign of you being late. You have to be able to figure out is it the day before preparation or is it that you may have to try to multitask. Multitasking is the act of doing several things at the same time to get all completed in a timely manner. One should be able to see the pattern and the signs that occur when they are about to be late.

When you are able to make the necessary changes to eliminate being late then you will be able to see what a positive effect it has on all things in your life. Once the changes are made to correct the issue you should become a more productive person. The key to being on time is time management. If you are able to manage your time well...
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