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Team Avocado
Team avocado is the leading company of exports of avocados in New Zeland, and this is what they say about Team avocado: Successful marketing of a perishable product demands commitment to quality, reliability and the desire to meet customer requirements. 

Marketing perishable produce can be a risky business. However, an income pooling system and a growers' controlled Trust structure administering income means that our growers' commercial risks are minimized. Regular interim payments during the season ensure good cash flow. Additionally, Team's product is fully insured from packhouse to market. he Growers,the Packers and TEAM AVOCADO.........

In conjuction with its packhouses, Team utilises professional and efficient pre and post-harvest systems. We have invested strongly in human resources, computer technology and grower education. 

We ensure that our growers are well informed about all relevant industry issues. It is no accident that our growers' export fruitis top quality. 

Team has strategically planned for the expected large future increase in production. We are avocado specialists with market diversification being an important part of Team's plans to secure a home for our fruit into the future -we already supply avocados to Australia, USA, Japan, Korea,Singapore and Hong Kong. We are proud of the enduring business partnerships we have developed with our international and domestic customers. Our dedicated packhouses are geographically situated to accommodate all growing regions and are equipped to handle volume and implement the highest quality standards. We like to see our growers' fruit appreciated at home too. Team has a dedicated local market operation and we are heavily promoting our product to the local consumer. New Zealand's leading avocado exporter

Food Safety is an important aspect of fruit marketing. Team Avocado was the first New Zealand avocado exporter to become HACCP certified and has developed a unique, integrated food saftey program including its packhouses and growers. Team Avocado perfected the 'ready-to-eat'concept for Woolworths Australia. This development led to massively increased sales and typifies Team Avocado's ability to grasp marketing, sales and technological opportunities to maximise the nett return of its growers. We believe our growers are the best and they are happy to share their ideas with like-minded people. -PROPAL

Is the leading company of exports of avocado in Chile the second country of avocado exports: Propal is a closed joint –stock company found in 1976 by a group of avocado growers of the Aconcagua valler in the 5th region, Chile. Its purpose was to trade its fruit in the national markets. In 1987, the company started its exports to international markets, and since then it has gradually obtained a continuously growing demand for avocados as well as citrus and onions. -Misions Produce US

Mission Produce WAS founded in 1983 and have since grown to Become a global entity in the avocado and asparagus industry. An Experienced and knowledge able field staff, highly efficient packing facilities, a national distribution network, a progressive force and a global marketing based grower Contribute to all Mission's Development and future success.

3.2 Importers
In Japan are few local companies importing avocados by themselves these are two of the main food stores in Japan which imports avocados to Japan, one of these companies is Japanese and the other is Hawaiian but it’s a very strong food store in all Asia. -JUSCO

JUSCO (ジャスコ Jasuko?) is the acronym for Japan United Stores Company, a chain of "general merchandise stores" (or hypermarket) and the largest of its type in Japan. The various JUSCO companies are subsidiaries of ÆON Co., Ltd.. The JUSCO name was adopted in 1970 by a company originally founded as a kimono silk trader in 1758. Renamed ÆON in 1989, it operates stores throughoutJapan under JUSCO and other names and also has a...
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