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The “4 Pillars” of SMS creating a “proactive and predictive” safety program

Applied aviation safety 2
When accidents happen due to negligence or a lack of safety rules, companies can face penalties in terms of finances and public credibility. The main purpose of a safety management system is to establish standards and procedures to effectively identify and control possible risks. The four pillars of an SMS are the safety policy, the management of risks, the safety assurance and the promotion of safety procedures.

The SMS policy designates top management as the authority responsible for ensuring that safety rules are observed by employees at all levels of the company's structure. Safety policies establish procedures and risk controls to evaluate to what extent safety rules are implemented as designed.

The risk management component consists of a set of procedures to identify, analyze and evaluate risks and to develop controls that can prevent them. The system analyzes the interaction among different components of an organization of people, facilities, technology and the environment.

Safety assurance uses efficient auditing, analysis and review systems to ensure that risk controls are still effective over a certain period of time and in a changing environment. The purpose of this SMS component is to constantly improve the quality of the products and processes involved while maintaining acceptable risk levels.

Promoting safety procedures refers to managers' capability to positively influence the employees' way of thinking and acting toward a safe workplace environment. Safety promotion consists of informing people at all company levels about the safety practices in effect at a certain time.

Safety policy requires managers to give designated people the responsibility and authority...

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