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Madeline Ferris
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When Avatar was released in 2009, it was during the time that the world had this mass idea that the world as we know it was going to be destroyed on December 21, 2012. Even though the world never ended on that particular date, our generation is still hung up on the idea. The idea has changed since 2009; now the idea is that the world we be infected with a zombie-like virus, so then will begin the apocalypse. But is it really a date predicted thousands of years ago, or a zombie virus that is going to end our world, or is it humanity itself that is killing our planet? Avatar tried showing us that humans could potentially be the ones that kill our world. However, instead of destroying our own planet, Avatar shows how we could let our greed and hatefulness destroy another world, Pandora. We are hateful, greedy, and stubborn, but we are loving, kind, and giving, and it’s up to us to decide which of those qualities in ourselves we want to release to the world. In Avatar, those characters that let their kindness show were the ones that saved us. If all of us could only be these loving people, we wouldn’t have wars, or famine, or greed. We are not perfect, and we should never try to be perfect, but letting ourselves become monsters who do not care or love will destroy us. In Berardinelli’s review he explains how Cameron made such a simple story have so much emotion and realization within. He incorporates love, war, death, and many other things into both the human and Na’vi world, something that we all know so much about. The main characters Jake and Dr. Grace realize how greedy Parker Selfridge is and how hateful Colonel Quaritch is. Parker, who is only involved for the money, is part of the main reasons the war began between the humans and Na’vi. The Second part was because of Quaritch, who thinks he is bigger than life. Jake and Dr. Grace are the ones that team up with the Na’vi to help save what they could of the Pandora...
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