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Avatar: Movie Review

Some movies tend to be so drab and repetitive and end up seeming to lengthy, but Avatar is the complete opposite. Not only was this movie creative, mind-opening, and very well written, it also had a very great message hidden within its text. It closely related to the predicament between the Native Americans and the English settlers. The sprit and message of this movie are really shown when the Na’vi and the Humans fight for the land the rightfully belongs to the Na’vi, thus creating a very emotional outcome. Avatar is a riveting movie, jam-packed with action and blood-pumping scenes. It has a very strong structure and an intense feeling to it throughout the film.

Avatar, written and directed by James Cameron in 2009, turned big right when it hit theatres. Starring Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine, Michelle Rodriguez as Trudy Chacon, and Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch, it was bound to be a hit. The movie is about us, but us about 1100 years in the future, and in this future we have access to a planet called Pandora, home to the Na’vi. The Na’vi happen to live on a large deposit of minerals we want to collect for money and use, and Avatar is about the struggle between both parties to save their home or save themselves.

In this movie Jake Sully is a handicap man whose brother lost his life, and what his brother left behind for him involved a mission on Pandora, a chance to walk again, and him falling in love. During the duration of the movie he meets Neytiri, one of the Na’vi, and she teaches him the way of the Na’vi. Dr. Grace Augustine and Trudy Chacon both are on this mission as well, but they begin disagreeing with the orders they are given and later team up with Jake Sully. The movie goes through the intense tale of what happens in their battle to save their land.

The entire spirit and idea behind this movie was intriguing to say at the least. It interested me...
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