Avatar: Movie Review

Topics: Film criticism, Roger Ebert, Film Pages: 4 (1396 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Kristin Wright
Paper # 4
Mrs. Tohill
A Peek into a Sacred Blue Future
James Cameron’s attention getting and highly developed film Avatar is a one that delves into serious moral, social, and economic issues; ones that directly reflect the same issues in our society today. After “The Matrix was released in 1999, Mr. Cameron furthered his movie cyborg movie pattern with the construction of what would become another example of his effort in a paradigm shift of Science Fiction films, Avatar, finally exposed to the public in 2009(Dargis,1). The idea of the alien universe first emerged into his train of thought back in the seventies. Unable to bring the blue humanoid planet to life in the fashion he wanted to during that specific time period, James Cameron failed to produce the first treatment of Avatar until 1996(Dargis,3). James Cameron’s ability to produce a film that portrays a strong organic message while exploring futuristic designs within the character development by using advanced digital technology immediately won over the approval of many. He provides sensational details that are creatively placed throughout the entire movie crafting plot twists that harness viewers’ attention as well as their interest in the animated blue world. A key element in the creation of Avatar is the success James Cameron had in crafting each and every Avatar through access of advanced digital technologies. Cameron was able to use performance capture that of which enhances the quality of motion and gives the Avatar’s real life movement through computer-generated images. If it wasn’t for the opportunity to use highly evolved equipment, Avatar wouldn’t be the Avatar we know it to be. According to Manohla Dargis, movie critic for The New York Times; the blue humanoids in Avatar do not just swiftly move through the sacred forests of Pandora moon, they fly, dive, and gallop all while exerting sounds such as hisses and yips (Dargis, 3). Her descriptive opinion of the...

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