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Avatar: Film Analysis

By jpswole Feb 19, 2013 709 Words
Jake Pietrefesa
English 151
Essay #2
Favorite Movie

Avatar; Were a paraplegic ex-marine finds a new life on the distant planet of Pandora, only to find him-self battling humankind alongside the planet's indigenous Na'vi race in this ambitious digital 3D sci-fi epic from academy award-winning Titanic director James Cameron. Avatar is said to be one of the greatest movies of all time and not only because it is the number one movie worldwide in the box office, but the movie was the first ever to gross more than $2 billon. Avatar was nominated for nine Academy awards, including best picture and best director, and won three for best art direction, best cinematography and best visual effects. The film's home media release went on to break opening sales records and became the top-selling Blu-ray of all time. This masterpiece has developed groundbreaking visual affects and eye bursting 3D animations that are truly mind-blowing; that sets you off on an adventure to one of the greatest movies of all time.

The visually stunning affects are an incredible feast for the eyes. There were a number of advanced visual effects techniques that were used in the production of Avatar. The work on the film had been delayed since the 1990s to allow the techniques to reach the necessary degree of advancement to adequately portray his vision of the film. The director planned to make use of photorealistic computer-generated characters; created using new motion-capture animation technologies he had been developing so they look magnificent. Somthing nobody has ever seen before. Cameron had made it so that his gorgeous world and landscapes were magnificently magical; that blew up in your mind of so much creativity and imagination.

The 3D image is simply stunning in how seamless it truly is; every moment practically transports viewers to Pandora, whether the lush tropical outdoor areas or the more sterile and technologically advanced interiors. The image is wonderfully deep and detailed, with the 3D attributes adding a great deal to most every scene, whether extending the background far off into the distance or allowing viewers to better appreciate the size and shape of various circular computer displays and workstations that are seen in several places in the film. Avatar's depth is nothing short of remarkable, and it tends to look so real that viewers might occasionally forget that this is 3D; with many other releases, there have been instances where the effect is in some way minimized or, on the other end of the spectrum, greatly over-exaggerated, but not here.

I have watched a variety of 3D high definition video; both animated and live action. 3D has never truly been something that I have been drawn to; however bringing it into the home in high definition intrigued me. I have always found the nature of 3D off putting and the imagery combined with the uncomfortable glasses always seemed to give me a headache. Watching Avatar in 3D; I’m please to say that it is and so far the most impressive 3D movie I have ever seen. The detail is beautiful as the image retains its high level of clarity, as objects within the frame are defined and sharp. I was mesmerized by the depth and realism of the three dimensional imagery. The separation of objects or people in the foreground/background is incredibly lifelike which serves to visually draw you in the film. If I had to describe the experience of watching Avatar in 3D I would describe it as natural and completely involving. I didn't notice any obvious signs of ghosting or 3D related glitches and never experienced eyestrain like other 3D movies.

Myself and 40 million other people couldn’t agree more than saying Avatar is defiantly one of the greatest movies of all time. Among the millions of movies that are out there on the shelves; I would every time choose Avatar as being my favorite. It’s a journey you have to experience. The thrill and adventure will keep you in your seats for the whole 160 minutes of the film. The simply dazzling visual affects and mind blowing 3D affects is what make it my favorite and the best movie of all time.

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