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Topics: James Cameron, Avatar, Titanic Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Avatar Essay
By Tylah Williams

In the motion picture Avatar, directed by James Cameron, a mining company wants to get unobtanium from the grounds of Pandora but resort to violence and war to receive what they want. The two groups portrayed in the motion picture Avatar are the Na’vi clan and the humans, which creates a large issue of negotiation.

Na’vi are highly social creatures with kind natured personal, family, and community relationships. Strong social bonds determine the selection of social roles within the community. The most prominent example of this is that Olo’eyctan, is paired for life with the Tsahik, whereas the humans are the complete opposite. They expect war to fix every little problem they have and always expect something to come in return for their good deeds done. They don’t have good relationships between them.

No one was really the top power of the Na’vi clan but if you wanted to think of that you’d say that Olo'eyktan was the leader and held the most power over them. In the human population Parker Selfridge was the head of the mining company yet Colonel Miles Quaritch actually held the power. He controlled the whole operation and made sure everything happened according to what he wanted and he would not negotiate.

Lighting and the settings of Avatar have viewers more interested. Even though the lighting had a dark effect majority of the time, it gave more depth to the film and the setting would always be filled with colour taking away from the darkness. Camera angle would normally if not always be a high camera angle, making up the beautiful landscape of Avatar and it gives more feel and interests the viewer.

Issues in this world are very similar to what they created in Avatar. We all want and expect lots of thing in life that we cant get and expect everyone to run around doing things and picking up pieces for us. We want what other people have like in the Na’vi world, which is why we have wars, but there is never any...
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