Avatar Essay

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Avatar Essay
In the movie Avatar, the planet Pandora is similar to earth in many ways, yet it has many differences as well. The way Pandora looks highly resembles that way scientists theorize the way earth looked millions of years ago. This could be because the planet Pandora is in an early stage of development, or it could simply be because the Na’vi respect their environment and maintain the balance of life. They don’t pollute their environment and they let nature run its course freely. There are many interconnections of life in the planet Pandora, as found on earth, but because of the Na’vi’s deep respect of their environment as their deity, the connections between organisms found on Pandora are at a much higher level.

Pandora can be related to earth by the way it looks, yet there are still many differences. All of the plants on Pandora are much larger, and have different abilities. At nighttime, there is much bioluminescence in the plant life and the atmosphere may be dark but because of this there is much light. There is a lesser gravitational pull on Pandora than that of earth, which allows the Na’vi to jump off cliffs and land safely simply by hanging on to the giant leaves as they pass down. The atmosphere is different from that of earth; there is not enough oxygen for humans to breathe. There are also floating mountains, which suggests that the mountains are less dense than the atmosphere surrounding them at some point in the sky. In the movie, the organisms have neural connections that allow them to connect with each other on an extremely deep level. There are no such connections that are found on earth. It is proposed in the movie that the planet has a sort of brain itself, and there is energy flowing through all of it that is borrowed and eventually has to be returned.

When Jake Sulley is in his avatar body, he is allowed into the tribe as one of the Na’vi, and he learns their ways. He sees that they are good, and he falls in love with the...
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