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The film Avatar is a strongly spiritual and meaningful film that shows the importance of moral ethics. Avatar is set Pandora, the fifth moon of Polythemus. Pandora is a world that is very similar to our own. Pandora consists of luscious forests, floating mountains, waterfalls, and the giant tree that is the home of the indigenous people, the Na’vi. The Na’vi are bright blue humanoids with flat noses, wide-set eyes, tall slender, and long black hair that allows them to spiritually connect to the world. The humanoids are threatened when humans land on Pandora and set up a mining operation. As the largest deposits of unobtanium are under the people’s home, the humans create Na’vi avatars for the purpose of trying to move them out of Hometree so they can mine the ground. The whole operation is going as planned until Jake Sulley, an ex-marine that takes his murdered twin brothers Avatar on Pandora, falls in love with Pandora and the Na’vis culture, he also falls in love with his Na’vi “trainer” Neytiri. As the film progresses, Sulley becomes a part of their world and less a part of the human world. He starts to rebel against the mining operation that is destroying Pandora. Jake, Neytiri, and Grace Augustine, another researcher avatar, team up to lead the Na’vi people into a war against the miners, to stop the mining operation and save their homeland.

The heroes in this film are shown very clearly shown. Avatar is centered on Jake and shows him as courageous, selfless, and passionate. He was originally assigned to gather Intel that would help Colonel Quaritch find a way to force the Na'vi to leave Hometree, or destroy it. In return for helping Quaritch, Sulley is promised to regain the use of his legs. But we see his motives change throughout the film until he has completely rebelled against his mission to help save the Na’vi people. In rebelling against the mission he loses the possibility of ever being able to walk again; he gives up the biggest...
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