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Margo Moriarty
CWV 101
Mathew Hampton

Avatar Media Worldview

What worldview or worldviews are represented in this movie?
I chose avatar as my media assignment because I feel like the na’vi’s live in a heaven. They truly are anti capitalist, fitting into the pantheistic spirituality would view. Throughout the film you see how connected they are to each other, nature, and the plants around them. The creatures cry when they are forced to kill another creature in order to eat them and survive, and always pray thanking for the blessing of the food. They are offered money and education to move from their colony but nothing in the world, no amount of money will ever be enough for them to leave theirs tree, mother earth, that connects then to the spirits of their ancestors. They have a connection with earth that is so deep they even use their hair to connect with their unicorn that us magically paired with them. This magical place full of love, sharing , preserving the earth, working hard to do their part to keep the colony going truly shows a group naturalist. They believe that earth and everything in it is connected somehow. They are led by leader and are loyal to him. They praise him and work hard for him. The humans, led by Parker Selfridge, which I believe to be capitalist want a metal called unabtanium, that they need to survive because they have completely destroyed their planet and now much out source. They don’t care about the people who life’s depend on the good of Pandora, the planet the Na’vi’s live on. The Na’vi are truly just nature lovers that didn’t want to be bothered with what they capitalist were trying to barder with them in order to push them off their land.

The na’jis all stayed very true to their world view! The character Jake was sent from the military to befriend the na’vi trying to convince them to change the location of their colony without force or letting them know the ulterior motive, to get the...
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