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Due to the recent rapid urbanization, and the rapid increase of consumerism that we face in our world today, this has led to a steep decline of epic myths been shared in the same way as they have been in the past years. Families and societies hardly have time to dedicate themselves to retain and pass on important myths that have been around for a long time. These myths were seen to teach us things on four levels; which is to feed us spiritually, to help explain the physical world to us, to help us understand on how we need to behave in society/teach us about the social roles that we need to inhibit and to teach us on how to act when under duress and be better prepared for life (4 functions of myth). It is true that in today’s modern society, we don’t pass on mythologies how we did in the past decades (a small fraction of us do like my grandmother who use to tell us epic Indian mythologies while me and my two brothers slept on the ground back In India), but as you are well aware, it is in our essence to keep moving and relaying information. It’s just that today most of it is done through movies and television shows which combine both the audial and visual components of a myth into one. An excellent example would be an epic quest of Jake Sully in “Avatar” which is a three hour long movie which neatly covers the four functions of myth .

Transcendant theme
Avatar has a very strong transcendent theme in the movie and you feel this right from the start you lay your eyes on Pandora; a feeling of awe grips you when you discover the lush forest full of life and the plentiful fruits that can sustain you whenever you seek sustenance. The Navi believe in reincarnation much like some of the religions that exist today. They believe that after passing away you give back the (borrowed) energy that you got and it goes on to give life to someone else just as it did you. They strongly believed that we are all connected through the sharing of our energies and this...
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