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Maddie Corwin
Film Analysis Paper
Lou Gaul
To some people Avatar may seem like just another science fiction action-adventure flick designed to show off some new special effects while raking in the money for Hollywood and giving audiences some feel-good messages in the process. Overall that is the goal in the making of this movie however there are deeper messages to be found in Avatar. There was a highly detailed process behind the film’s production history and it took a while to be made into a great part of history. The artistic importance behind movie is what made it as great as it was. The colors and high technology involved creating amazing animation and effects drew in the attention of its viewers. The colors were especially unique. The intent of the director was to create a film that would be a top hit and that it was. James Cameron gained his inspiration for making this movie from the Science Fiction- Books he read as a kid. It took a very long time for the production of the movie. According to Paste magazine the film was not produced until February 2007. The filming behind the movie caused production delays because some of the equipment was not available in the 90’s. The equipment that was used for the film was very high tech and is what gave the movie it’s amazing effects and artistic scenery and colors. The colors and shots chosen for the film are what really created an image of being present in another world. Some of the special effects came from high tech cameras that were used. A quote said by Cameron himself about the equipment used for the film is : “This is one of the hardest things to explain about this movie. We created three cameras; which are all completely separate. One is the virtual camera, which is basically just a TV monitor with handles that allows us to see into a world that you can’t see in any other way. It’s all around you, you can point it up, you can point it around, and you can look around at the...
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