Avalanche Research Assignment

Topics: Snow, Avalanche, Banff National Park Pages: 3 (451 words) Published: December 8, 2012
1) TOPIC: Where are avalanches most likely to occur in Canada? Visit www. atlas.gc.ca
explore our maps environment natural hazardsnatural hazards maps published in 1999 major avalanches map

a) Write a brief definition of an avalanche. (1 mark)

b) Based on the map, explain the distribution of avalanches in Canada. (1 mark)

c) Click on the “Get Info From Map” button above the map and then click on the avalanche in northern Quebec. Name the avalanche, the year, and the event being celebrated when this avalanche occurred. Click on the name of the avalanche to read the story. Describe what happened. (2 marks)

2) TOPIC: How do experts predict or evaluate an avalanche hazard? Visitwww.fsavalanche.org/Default.aspx?ContentId=23&LinkId=28&ParentLinkId=3

Describe the rutschblock test. (2 marks)

3) TOPIC: How can you avoid a high risk avalanche area?
public site bulletin latest bulletin “Banff, Yoho & Kootenay” on map.

a) Click on the “plus” sign on the top right hand corner for more info about the ratings. Read the “report” and describe the avalanche hazard for Banff, Yoho & Kootenay National Parks today. (2 marks)

b) TOPIC: How can you be safe?
education online tutorial

Describe each of the red flags. (3 marks)






What types of areas should you avoid? Describe each one. (2 marks) 1)



4) TOPIC: The most effective method to stabilize a slope is to plant a coniferous forest. How else can experts prepare an area to minimize damage from avalanches? Visitwww.th.gov.bc.ca/avalanche_weather/index.html

Read the following pages: avalanche safety program
how avalanche programs ensure your safety

a) What does the BC government do to ensure the safety of motorists and to protect the highways from avalanches? (2 marks)

b) Do an internet search:...
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