Autumn 1 test mark scheme

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Autumn 1 test mark scheme
Autumn 1 – Year 9
Mark scheme

1. From top left clockwise:
Outer core, mantle, inner core, crust (4)

2. Along plate boundaries (1)

3. Alfred Wenger (1)

4. That the continents were once joined as a big land mass (Pangea) and that over time they drifted apart to form what is our earth today. (2) – second mark for Pangea

5. Convection currents (1)

6. Several cycle drawings in the mantle to demonstrate the warm material rising, spreading to either side and cooling/sinking.

7. Heat from the core causing molten rock to rise, spread, cool and drop back down towards the core. During this process the molten rock can pull plates towards each other or push them apart. (2)

8. A – destructive
B – constructive
C – conservative (3)

9. (5)

10. Constructive – Iceland 2010
Destructive – Japan 2011
Conservative – Haiti 2010 (3)

11. A mountain or hill, typically conical, having a crater or vent through which lava, rock fragments, hot vapour, and gas are or have been erupted from the earth's crust.

12. A – shield, B- composite (2)

A shield Volcano has low sloping sides and frequent but gentle eruptions
A composite Volcano has steep sides and explosive eruptions (2)

14. A. ash fall
B. mudflow
C. global cooling
D. crops destroyed
E. fires (5)

15. Death, homelessness, injuries (1)

16. Businesses destroyed, damage total (1)

17. Ecosystems destroyed, tsunami, buildings collapse (1)

18. Students should have an example of an MEDC earthquake and LEDC. They should discuss some of the effects of each but conclude which country was more effected. They could link to GDP and money. Students must come to a decision. Cap marks at 6 if students have not looked at social, environmental, economic.

19. Geothermal, tourism, minerals, fertile soil

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