autonomous control

Topics: Rio Tinto Group, Mining, Automobile Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: November 2, 2013
Autonomous Control
Autonomous control is used in the mechanics of many machines we use today, Autonomous control is basically a self-controlling program installed into a machine that allows the machine to move by itself based on the surroundings. The program installed into the machine asses the surroundings with its sensors and makes a decision on the movement of the autonomously controlled unit. The word autonomous means self-governing, this means it can make decisions by themselves, with this in mind, autonomously controlled vehicles can be controlled without a pilot and without radio control. This is very useful in an array of different applications as the possibilities for the use of autonomous control in the workplace are infinite. Autonomous control is taking the world by storm with many booming mining companies taking advantage of this amazing technology programing it into their drills and trucks, in January Rio Tinto spent in excess of 28 million dollars developing their mining technology with autonomous control. Autonomous control is not only being used in mining, many believe that autonomous control is the way of the future and should be available to a wider range of people, BMW has just recently teamed up with Continental investing large amounts of money to produce autonomously controlled cars. Autonomous control provides an extensive advantage to its users as programs can eliminate danger and potentially stop accidents that would have been in place if there was no autonomous control such as car crashes. In the United States alone, each year almost six and a half million people are killed each year by road accidents. With autonomous control technology, this can all be prevented. The ability to assess the current situation and act in the best possible way is how accidents can be prevented. Traffic is becoming a big issue in flourishing cities where population is high, congestion is slowly crippling our roads making it longer for cars to go from...
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