Automotives Industry in United States- Demand, Sales & Forecast Report

Topics: Economics, Automobile, Sport utility vehicle Pages: 3 (349 words) Published: March 28, 2014
US light vehicle sales ended 2013 up 7.6% at 15.60mn, in line with Researcher 's forecast of an 8.2% increase to15.68mn. With macroeconomic conditions largely favorable, we expect further growth, albeit slightly slower at 3.6%, to be achievable in 2014, taking the market back to 16mn units for the first time since 2007. We expect light trucks to continue to outperform the car segment, led by a slew of new product launches. Looking ahead, positive data from the residential housing sector, as part of an increasingly bullish macroeconomic picture, suggests that the truck segment will carry this growth into 2014 (see 'Weekly Data

Analysis: Positive Housing, Manufacturing and Consumer Data', December 2). We forecast 5.3% growth in light truck sales in 2014, which is still robust by historical standards, despite representing a slowdown from current levels.

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Table Of Contents

Researcher Industry View 7
Political 9
Economic 10
Business Environment 11
Industry Forecast 12
Table: US Automotives Historical Data And Forecasts 12
Production Investment 13
Table: North American Investments, Nov 2013 - Feb 2014 13
Passenger Vehicles 15
Table: US Automotives Historical Data And Forecasts 15
Longer-Term Risk 18
Competitive Landscape 20
Table: US Top 10 New Light Vehicle Sales (CBUs) 20
Production 21
Financing 24
Dealers 28
Commercial Vehicles 30
Table: US Automotives Historical Data And Forecasts 30
Segment Trends 33
Macroeconomic Forecast 36
Economic Analysis 36
Table: United States - Economic Activity 44
Industry Risk Reward Ratings 45
Industry Risk/Reward Ratings 45
Table: Researcher 's Americas Risk/ Reward Ratings 47
Company Profile 48
General Motors (GM) 48
Chrysler 49
Ford Motor 50
Johnson Controls 52
Regional Overview 53
Global Industry Overview 61
Table: Passenger Car...
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