Automobile and Alternative Fuel

Topics: Automobile, Alternative fuel, Petroleum Pages: 1 (632 words) Published: October 30, 2014
What is a Good Resource Danielle Gregory COMM/215 October 20, 2014 University of Phoenix What is a Good Resource A good resource must include a creditable author. Meaning that the author should either have bben present during the subject, have a degree in the subject, and/or be the most recent information possible. Being up to date on information is important because something could have changed in the last month or even year. As my team and I are collaborating to write a feasibility report for Lotus Rental Cars CFO pertaining to implementing alternative fuel vehicle to the company. We have been reviewing creditiable references to ensure that we have the most up to date information on alternative fuel available. All the information provided by the selected resources shows research pertaining to the alternative fuel. Also including facts about the different types of alternate fuel, the types of vehicle that can run off of each fuel, and the cost. Using the website provides our team with accurate and reliable information about the different gas mileages for ach type of alternative fuel. This site also states which vehicle can use what alternative fuel. Since this website is created and maintained by the government we know that our government conducts test and experiments on alternate fuel so the States Go green. This is valuable to our team because it accurately states the pros and cons of owning an alterative fuel vehicle. There are six types of different fuels we can use Electric, Ethanol, Biodiesel, Natural Gas, Propane, and Hydrogen. Also provided on it explains the green house gas emission for each type of fuel. In great detail this site explains about the tax incentive for switching to an alternative fuel vehicle. This would be a great incentive for Lotus Rental Cars because of the tax write offs. Another great tool that this website offers is the ability to compare vehicle side by side. Comparing and contrasting the...

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