Automatio Advantages and Dis Advantages

Topics: Aviation licenses and certifications, Pilot certification in the United States, Aviator Pages: 4 (1120 words) Published: July 5, 2013
1) Greater Situational Awareness
With reduced direct operational involvement, flight crew members are able to allocate their concentration towards maintaining awareness with their environment as well as interpersonal communication with their colleagues. Automation are thus able to relieve pilots of their workloads by assuring the availability of essential flight information at all times. Flight safety is enhanced when pilots are able to react more quickly and effectively to situations due to greater attention to their surroundings. 2) Operating Cost Reduction

With computer management, the heading, altitude and airspeed whereby the aircraft can travel at the most ideal efficiency, can be retrieved. With efficient flight performance, fuel usage can be reduced to achieve a lower operating cost. This is especially critical for commercial airlines, which aim to cut cost for greater profits. As flight information is managed by the flight management computers automatically, the requirement of having a third flight crew (flight engineer) to oversee the performance of secondary airplane systems and fuel consumption is lifted. A reduced number of flight crew members required helps to cut costs for airlines. Disadvantages

1) Overdependence on Automation (Complacency)
With increased reliance on automated technologies, flight crew may rely excessively on the glass cockpits. This could lead to the negligence of the necessity of their participation during crucial periods of a flight, such as the landing and takeoff phases. For instance, in 1974, Eastern Air Lines Flight 212 crashed short of the runway while executing a precise instrumental approach in poor visibility conditions into Charlotte/Douglas International Airport. Out of the 82 people aboard the flight, only ten survived. The accident investigation concluded that the mishap occurred due to the pilot distraction. After the observation of several accidents that were due to pilot distraction when flight...
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