Automatic Street Light Monitoring Using Ir and Ldr

Topics: Rectifier, Direct current, Light Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: July 11, 2013
Automatic street light monitoring using IR and LDR
Street lights are generally switched ON and OFF by the electricity department. A separate person is appointed to take care of these activities without any fail. A part from this if irrespective of the season i.e. whether it is summer or Winter the Street lights are switched ON at the same time in the evening around 6:30 pm and switched OFF at around 6:00 am. And we know that it will be more sunny in summer season with enough light up to 7.00 pm and from 5 pm. So unnecessarily the power is wasted during these times over a period of a particular season. So a idea is proposed to design a Control system with automation. The designed system will overcome all the above said problems. This project gives the best solution for electrical energy wastage. Also the manual operation of the lighting system is completely eliminated. The idea proposed here is to design a system, which controls the switching of street lights automatically with out any human intervention. This is done by making use of a light sensor. The light intensity is sensed, analyzed and accordingly the street lights are switched. The control system is designed around a microcontroller. The proposed system switches ON the street lights, whenever the light intensity decreases to a certain reference level. This system is designed with taking input as light intensity and output as the action of switching street lights. The sensor used to sense the light intensity is LDR. LDR which stands for Light Dependent Resistor senses the ligtht intensity and the same information is sent to control unit so that controlling action can be taken. According to the sensed signals the Micro controller will activates or deactivates street lights. The controller will sense the intensity of light, and takes appropriate decision whether to switch ON/OFF street lights. While vehicle is passing automatically lights ON using IR sensors. Otherwise lights will be OFF....
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