Automatic Clothesline

Topics: Flowchart, Functional flow block diagram, Diagram Pages: 4 (572 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Chapter 3
Discussion of findings
This chapter discusses the answers to the objectives raised in this study. Remotely-Controlled Automatic Clothesline
The current system is a clothesline presented in mechanically controlled by magnets. It uses X-10 module interfaced with the stamp to provide power to the clothesline from a remote location. It uses a phototransistor that acts as a motion sensor for clothes moving the line. In figure 1, it shows the software flow chart of the existing system.

Figure 1:

Software Flowchart


determine the cost, accuracy and response of rain sensors
1. Rain Sensor
|Components |Cost (P) | |1k ohms and 10k ohms resistor |P 2.00 | |2.2 uF Capacitor |P 5.00 | |NE555 timer |P 20.00 | |Total |P 27.00 |

|Test |Accuracy |Response (time) | |1 |100% | | |2 |100% | | |3 |100% | |

2. Humidity Sensor
|Device |Cost (P) | |Humidity sensor |P 278.00 |

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