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STI College Santa Rosa

This Project Entitiled

Greenwich Santa Rosa Branch Computerized Records Management System

And Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements of the Information Technology Program
has been examined and is recommended for acceptance and approval.

Ms. Sherly delos Santos
Project Coordinator

October 2011



We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the persons who had contributed for the success of this feasibility study. Whose valuable support and ideas have contributed much in the conceptualization of this project. First, to our adviser, Ms. Sheryl C. Delos Santos thank you for the knowledge that you’ve thought us, not only academically but also for teaching us good manners and for pushing us to finished this study. To Mrs.Jhoan Anzorandia, Manager of Greenwich Pizza SM Santa Rosa branch, for her trust and encouragement to have this project success. To our friends, who shared not only laughter’s but also their full support in making this study. To our parents who untiringly support us morally and financially. Above all, to our Almighty God for the blessing of giving those mentioned person in our life, and has provided us the strength, intelligence and the will to finish this feasibility study. To all, thank you very much!

Table of Contents
1.1 Background of the Study
1.2 Statement of the Problem
1.2.1General Problem
1.2.2 Specific Problem
1.3 Objectives of the Study
1.3.1 General Objectives
1.3.2 Specific Objectives
1.4 Significance of the Study
1.5 Scope and Limitations
2.1 Initial Idea
2.2 Feasibility of the Study
2.3 Requirements Analysis
2.4 Systems Design
3.1 Through Interview
3.2 Through Survey
3.3 Through Research
4.1 Process New Hired Employee
4.2 Process Summary Report
5.1 Schedule of Activities
5.2 Cost Estimation
6.1 Process Specfication Modelling
6.2 Data Specification Modelling



The life of human race has greatly changed with the introduction of computers. The information is just a fingertip away. Through these modern discoveries of technology and with their increasing power and versatility, people have become dependent on this machine in their day-to-day endeavor of their business. In this age, computer revolution is giving a great impact in the world markets. Computers today are the central nervous system of the large and small corporation, government or organization and organizational institutions which have millions of receipts and documents to be process to become usable at short notice with less expense, lesser employees and more profit. But there are some that still rely on manual base systems. Which is tiring on the part of the employees and time consuming on some other part and one of these is the Greenwich PIZZA SM Santa Rosa Branch, where we are conducting our study.

I. Background of the Study

Greenwich Pizza is the largest pizza and pasta chain in the Philippines. Greenwich started as an over-the-counter pizza store in the Greenhills Commercial Center in Metro Manila in 1971. In 1994, Jollibee Foods Corporation obtained a deal acquiring 80% of Greenwich shareholding. Then in 2006 Jollibee Foods Corp. bought out the remaining shares of its partners in Greenwich Pizza Corp., equivalent to a 20% stake, for P384 million in cash. The new company was called Greenwich Pizza Corporation, and the franchise experienced rapid expansion. From 50 stores in 1994, as of 2005 there are over 240 stores and an annual revenue of over P4 billion as of 2011 there are over 330 stores and one of their branch is located in SM Santa Rosa Branch which is the focus of our feasibility study. Greenwich Pizza SM Santa Rosa Branch is located in SM City Santa. Rosa, Barrio Tagapo, Santa Rosa, Laguna. It was established on February 17, 2006 with over 385 employees from the time it was started. It is a company owned of Jollibee Foods Corporation by Mr. Tony Tan Caktiong . 1.2 Statement of the Problem

One of the main problems of their existing system is the manual procedures of their current system. The attainment would have manually search over their list of the registered employees.

1.2.1 General Problem

* How to design, develop and implement a computerized record management system for Greenwich Santa Rosa Branch that will improve their current system? * Currently, the employees files are kept in a drawer so the manager uses manual searching and had a hard time in finding the employees information especially when the Branch Manager asked to look for information of many employees.

1.2.2 Specific Problems

* How to develop a module that will easily keep and track the records of the employees? * The employees files store in drawer. When they need to trace an employees record the manager will look for the files one by one. * How to develop a module that will easily generate the needed reports? * The manual procedure of maintaining and keeping the employees information causes longer time in searching and generating a summary report. * How to handle data easily with its increasing numbers of employees data and information? * Tracing of records of employees is one of the problem of Greenwich Pizza SM Santa Rosa Branch. The more increasing numbers of employees the more data that need to be process and summarized.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The manual procedure of maintaining and keeping of the employees information will be chnaged to a Human Resource Information System that will speed-up all procedures and searching.

1.4.1 General Objective

* To design, develop and implement a computerized record management system for Greenwich Santa Rosa Branch that will improve their current system.

1.4.2 Specific Objectives

* To develop a module that will easily keep and track the records of the employees.

* To design and specify enough details to ensure that it meets the requirements of the specification. * To ensure that the program will work and link together. * To develop a module that will easily generate the needed reports. * To ensure that each data has the correct format that will passed from one program to another.

* To ensure that the system as a whole performs according to the design specification. * To handle data easily with its increasing numbers of employees data and information . * To easily monitor if the person who wants to apply has a previous record in the past. To maintain the company’s security. * To easily trace a record.

1.4 Significance of the Study

* Computerized system will enlighten the work of the person in charge, the management, as well as the employees. Both sides will benefit a fast process of information, getting reports. * Lesser time will be spent in doing works with regards to personal information. * The Personal Information reports will be easily generated and submitted on time. * Personal information will be more secured than before.

* Less time consuming and the manager can now work with other assignments.

1.5 Scope and Limitations

* Scopes of the study

* The study will determine the various problems of the Greenwich Pizza SM Santa Rosa branch regarding information storage. The implementation of the program that directed by these challenges will be discussed and analyzed. This study will also gather employees data. Challenges and problems in the company particularly their information storage will be the focus of this research. Employees Information * Generate Reports

* Storage Allocation

* Limitations of the Study

* Every study has its own limitation, since Greenwich Pizza branch is located in SM Santa Rosa Laguna, only their information storage will be studied and analyzed. * Log in and log out are not included in the system.

* The system does not run in network environment.



2.1Initial Idea

The Greenwich Pizza SM branch has a practice of manual based procedures regarding of handling their employees file. Their manual based system is having a logbook and keeping their files in their storage, that would expect that as their employees increase its number, their is also a need of additional storage to make sure that all files will be kept.

The purpose in this study is to modify their old flow and to create a system that will trace the employees record easily without taking a longer time to look for the file one by one just to search one record. The success of the project depends on how the researcher will analyze the problems and make a possible information system that is should be a friendly user.

The researcher plans to have a simplified system wherein it will adopt their old flow but with modified and simpler instruction wherein the user can adjust easily with the changes.

2.2Feasibility Study

The following figure shows the general manual process flow of Greenwich Pizza SM Santa Rosa branch wherein they currently do as of this study.

2.3Requirements Analysis

The following events list shows steps involved within the requirements analysis, it defines the flow of data in the system deriving system functions and to develop user role specification. 1. EMPLOYEES application\pass requirements.

2. BRANCH MANAGER retrieve patient file.
3. BRANCH MANAGER new patient file.
4. MAIN OFFICE receive patient file.
5. BRANCH MANAGER checks patient record.
6. BRANCH MANAGER process report summary.

2.4Systems Design

The system design shows the format and contents of the proposed file that suits the needs of the system. The program design shows the nature on how the final screen would look like for the different program modules. It outlines the systematic way of arriving at the designed output.

Figure I

Note: The figure shows an authenticated login, it serves as a verification if the user is valid or not as well as verifying its privilege access.

Figure II

Note: If the user is “power user” the administrator access will be disabled and the user can only access and view the enabled button shown above.

Figure III

Note: This is the figure if the user is administrator. The administrator access button is enable.

Figure IV

Note: This is the figure if the user has administrator privilege.

Figure V

Note: This is the database for user login and password.

Figure VI

Note: This is the database for Employees Personal Information

EMPLOYEES_FILE: This table contains the information about the Employee such as: EmployeesIdNumber, FirstName, LastName,


IIIData Gathering Procedures and Outputs
3.1 Through Interview

Having an interview is the first stage to analyze the study.Upon interview, the researcher captured the suggested opinions of the clients. The researcher got an idea how to make a system that will help their manual process develop into a computerized system. The researcher gather some information they want to add with the system wherein the researcher are trying to develop.

During interview, the researchers come up with the conclusion that the branch really needs to have a computerized system. As of now the branch has 385 employees. If we calculate it for another 5 years, it would be expected that missing of old files is possible.

3.2 Through Survey

The researchers believe that surveying is one of the possible techniques to gather an additonal information regarding the information system they are trying to develop. They prepared set of questions and distributed it to several people whom the researchers believe can relate to the study. With the questions that has been prepared, the objective of the group is simply listen to other people’s comments and suggestions. To gather an idea which is better to develop.

3.3Through Research

The researcher visited several websites in internet regarding information system. They are useful in thinking some great ideas. Most of the websites has a clear definition with regards to developing a computerized system. Some thesis work had became a big help. It guides to make this feasibility study become possible.


IVDocumentation of the Current System

4.1Process New Hired Employee

The employee that was hired will presents all requirements needed. First, the manager will ask the employee to complete the requirements needed. The employee will then compile the requirements needed then pass it to the manager. The manager will then store the requirements to the drawer and update the logbook. At the same time using excel, the manager encode some information regarding the new employees. Since all the data are not provided in the excel file, if the manager need to look for the record he needs, he will take a long time to look for the record in the drawer and check the file one by one. That flow shows that it is not efficient having a manual based system. Although they have an excel file, it is not systematic and organized. It is usable but not a friendly user.

4.2Process Summary Report

The basis of the manager for his summary report will be the logbook , stored data through excel and the requirements passed by the employee. Once missing file has encountered, the countermeasure done by the manager will be asking another copy to the employee to provide another copy for the missing files.







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