Automated Water Billing System

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ROD RICHARDSON Director of Communications
505 Travis Street Suite 200 Shreveport, Louisiana 71101 Tel. 318.673.5008 Fax.318.673.5087 Cell.318.525.7039

PRESS RELEASE November 9, 2011

Automated Water Billing System in Full Effect
The City’s new automated water billing system is online and running much smoother now that programmers have worked out most of the kinks and the customer service staff has been fully trained. Additionally, the issues involving the Highland area have been resolved and no one else should be adversely impacted. The six customers impacted there have been fully restored. At this point, the temporary grace period instituted to insure the system was functioning properly ends this week. Beginning Monday, scheduled cutoffs will resume. Customers with disconnect notices are encouraged to reconcile their accounts prior to the posted shutoff date. The automated system has been live for more than two weeks but some customers were inconvenienced as the system was being adjusted, while others experienced unusually long delays as they tried to contact customer service representatives. The City is providing more information online, including a menu of options that should make it easier to pay online or retrieve specific account details. That menu will be posted soon. In addition to the regular customer service number (673-5510), a new information line has been activated. Customers with problems can call 673-7950 to leave details about the problem and a customer service representative will call back to resolve the issue.

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