Automated Scheduling System Thesis

Topics: Output, Computer, Dataflow Pages: 7 (1119 words) Published: August 27, 2013
A Project Proposal Presented
to the Faculty and Staff of
ACLC College of Daet
Daet, Camarines Norte

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the Systems Analysis and Design

Aguilar, Ero
Lasco, John Rogie
Arcenal, Prince Queniry
Bueno, Evan Christopher
Mana-ay, Paul Ryan

August 2013

Society’s fascination in technological pursuit has taken us to heights considered essential to mankind’s daily transactions and actions. As we execute our every progress in technological advancement, myriads of society’s organizations were left to adapt to the latest in trend in order to cope up with the ever changing demands of the consuming public. We always wonder if current possessions are sufficient enough to acquire the satisfactory remarks of a faster and better work environment. Hence, we constantly devote ourselves to innovation for a productive and efficient lifestyle.

The prevalent use of modern devices enabled us to efficiently deal with our colleagues, friends, families and relatives’ communication life aspect. Businesses definitely took advantage of various technological features and placed it in its array of armaments for competitive situations. Clearly, technology has proven itself to be beneficial to societal development. Unfortunately, there are still establishments that were left behind and still not part of the experience where inclined productivity occurs. Therefore, someone must bring the whole package to these diverse ranges of institutions. But what is this package if you’ll ask? Well, for the sake of clarity, it is the Information System.

An information system is a vital part of an establishment, institution or organization that handles various pompous transactions, databases, processes, etc. It dynamically changes depending on the needs of a certain company. It also eradicates the traditional manual way of dealing with the clients (if used in one) or simply the process flow of the whole establishment. By keeping digital databases, data or information would be systematically organized and available for fast retrieval, thus prolific result would be quite expected.

The year was 1978. Amable R. Aguiluz V., fourth son and namesake of Amable M. Aguiluz (1913-1977) who was the former Auditor General during the Macapagal administration, formed a distributorship in Manila for "Computerland". The firm became one of the main distributors of Apple Computer in the Philippines. It became one of the venues by which advancements made in Computer Science and Technology was absorbed in the Philippine industrial life. Due to the Filipinos' deep hunger for computer education, AMAICS founder Amable M. Aguiluz opened AMA Computer College(AMACC) the center for degree courses, and years later AMA Computer Learning Center (ACLC) started its operation in June 1987, but it was in the year 1990 that expansion took place. In the year 1991 ACLC has grown in number with 18 branches in full operation nationwide, from four during the previous year. The educational philosophy of AMA Computer Learning Center (ACLC) rests on its commitment to be of service to students through the provision of an environment where there would be opportunities to relate theories and knowledge to practical training. The Center focuses the students to a life and future integrated with the real working world. With this theory in Education, ACLC then dedicates itself to the molding of future professionals in attaining a dream, to take an active role in the education and training of the students through continuous innovation of education program and evaluation of industry needs. The researchers’ proposed system intends to automate the school scheduling process flow. Ranging from the faculty up to the rooms and blocks schedules, the researchers’ proposed system will provide an easier and much efficient way to create such essentialities....
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