Automated Recording and Monitoring System Thesis

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Chapter 1


Rationale of the study

As computer technology is rapidly changing our world, it has permitted man not only

store his knowledge, but to organize, manipulate, and modify it systematically.

Organizations nowadays are adapting to office automation systems. Most schools use

automated systems to lessen their work and minimize their problems in their system, and

ACT(Asian College of Technology) is one of the school that is would like to adapt

computerization for a more productive output.

Yet, there are still problems that the school can not avoid such as storing of the

student’s records in their scholarship programs. Some files are inevitably misplaced or lost

because of the manual recording process.

Because of the problems the personnel had encountered, the researchers are proposing

a study entitled “Automated Recording and Monitoring System of Public Servant Scholarship

Grant Program in ACT” which claims to suggest full automation of their current manual system

especially in the storing the files of the student records.

Theoretical Background of the study

Role of the Information Technology to society

Since time immemorial, people are looking for ways that can enhance the quality

of life and make things easier. Technology is the most powerful change agent in

society. It is defined as the technical means people use to improve their surroundings.

It is knowledge of using tools and machines to do task efficiently.

Information Technology or IT, is hailed as one of the most strategic and

pervasive technologies. Advances in IT have been accelerating at an unparallel face in

history and will continue to radically transform the world and how society operates in

the future with these advances, we are rapidly becoming an information society where

“knowledge workers” depend on computer-generated information to accomplish their


In this case, these transformations have devastating effects on our society

especially on individuals and communities for it enables them to enhance their social

and economic well being and participate more actively in society and the economy,

internationally as well as nationally.

Information Technology in Schools

In many researches and studies, it has been shown that technologies have

positive effects in the instructional process, on basic and advanced skills. In fact, it is

changing the instructional process itself.

As an illustration, schools today are now embracing technology and used it to

transform the content and made of instruction. Most schools now are using computers

to teach the students as will as help of the teachers to do their work with ease and

speed. Computers can interact with students to enhance the learning process.

Computer-based instruction can individualize instruction and give instant feedback to

students. Computers are patient and non-judgmental, thus motivating the student’s to


In addition, some schools in the U.S have attempted to integrate distance

education into their programs. The hallmarks of “distance education” or “distance

learning” are the separation of teacher and learner in space and time, the volitional

control of learning by the student rather than the distant instructor and non contiguous

communication between student and teacher.

UML (Unified Modeling Language)

A standardized general-purpose modeling language in the field of software

engineering. The standard is managed, and was created by, the Object Management


UML includes a set of graphic notation techniques to create visual models of

software-intensive systems.

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is used to specify, visualize, modify,

construct and document the artifacts of an object-oriented software intensive system

under development.

Other ideas also...

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