Automated Payroll System for Subic Specialist

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Chapter 1
Background of the Study
Nowadays all establishment are becoming modernized, they use modern technologies to make their transaction fast, easy, and accurate in order to avoid waste of time and for the sake of safety and security. It also helps human to solve and understand complex problem and analysis such us the computational need of humans. Especially to business establishment or corporation processing enormous data and complex transaction. Payroll is an example of a complex transaction because it is a critical business operation dealing with numerous accounts and produce plenty and confidential files. Payroll is encompasses every employee of a company who receives a regular wages or other compensation due to each. Applying manual procedure on a Payroll transaction involving the vast beat answer in that problem would be computer because computers can simulate enormous data and can process complex transaction in a fast and efficient way. It can generate numerous accounts and data accurately. A Computerized Payroll System will not only provide accurate calculation and fast process of Payroll transaction but it will secure data through security implementation and accordingly arrange files provided by a well designed database that will produce a paperless environment. Presently, Subic Specialist for Security Solution, Inc. is practicing the manual process on their Payroll System. The number of employees in Subic Specialist for Security Solution, Inc. is more or less 200 guards and 5 executives.


Automated Payroll System for Subic Specialist for Security Solution, Inc.

Major Problem:Time consuming in payroll preparation that sometimes leads to a delay of payday due to manual process.

Minor Problem
1. Manual recording of daily-time-record.
* The company is using time-card on recording their DTR.
2. Records and deduction are not well organized.
* No computerized database of guards information and their deduction. 3. Endless inquiries on loan balances and deductions.
* Guards are often asking about their balances and deductions especially during payday. 4. No database of past payroll history for the previous years. * This is important for financial analysis in the future. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

This study is intended to design an Automated Payroll System for Subic Specialist for Security Solution, Inc. Specifically, this study aims:
* To have an electronic Daily Time Record (e-DTR) for each client’s company that connects to the database system of the agency’s main office. * To create a well-organized database of guard’s necessary information and their allotted deductions. * To also have a printed record of their loans/debt balances that attached to their pay slip. * To create a database which saves a past payroll data for future use.

To Accounting Department and Payroll Maker of Subic Specialist for Security Solution, Inc. The proposed system will help the accounting section of Subic Specialist for Security Solution, Inc. especially the Payroll maker/bookkeeper and the Finance Officer. It will help to lessen the time and effort of the payroll maker/bookkeeper preparing payments of employees. The System develop can accommodate changing figures and produce a paperless environment through well design database. III. SCOPE AND LIMITATION

This study is designed to develop a Computerized Payroll System for Subic Specialist for Security Solution, Inc. It covers the process of preparing the Pay slip of each employee, keeping of records safety and computing the exact wages of each employee. Including the stored report list of employee such as Monthly Salary, Basic salary, overtime, Gross payment, Net pay, and Deduction such as withholding tax, SSS, and SSS loan, Philhealth Contribution, Advances, PAG-IBIG Contribution, Cash Advance, Cash Bond, COLA, and Canteen. The proposed Payroll...
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