Automated Gate Barrier using RFID

Topics: RFID, Radio-frequency identification, Automatic identification and data capture Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: October 9, 2013

Chapter 1

Background of the Study
Technology is a quite broad term. It encompasses the entire human- made world. It refers specifically to the knowledge, processes and products of technological activity. Computers are one of the most common sources of technology use to secure and monitor the in and out of the vehicles inside the subdivision. Security is always an important issue to be taken care in any organization especially to a place like Subdivision. There are many people entering this premise and proper security system will ensure that this place is safe for everybody. Good security system will reduce unnecessary incidents such as theft, intruders and etc and due to this automatic identification is necessary. Automatic identification is the broad term given to a host of technologies that used machines to identify objects such as smart cards, voice recognition, optical recognition and RFID tags. A proposed Automated Subdivision Barrier for Mulawin Heights using RFID with Road Mapping is a system that facilitates the security to ease their work using a RFID as an automated release of barrier. This system will also detect the vehicles that pass thru the subdivision. The Mulawin Heights Subdivision is a residential subdivision developed on March 1999, situated at Brgy Tugatog Orani, Bataan. It is divided in two phase (phase 1 and 2). As of this time, Mulawin heights Subdivision use a manual security system, the guards logged the vehicles and people that pass thru, using a logbook and release the barrier manually thus, it takes time and effort for the guard on duty to open and close the barrier manually. This proposed system aimed to develop a wireless system to detect the in and out of vehicles. The system was based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and consists of a RFID tag. It detects the tag ID and if the tag ID is stored in database then the barrier will up and allow the vehicles to pass thru the subdivision....
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