Automated Enrollment System

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Many years ago, few people are using computers for personal, home, business and

offices. From day to day, our world has been changed gradually from one condition to another.

The evolution of new ideas always comes up to the minds of every person, especially the ideas

always comes up to the minds of every people particularly those in the offices need to make

working condition better. As the result, modern technology has been beginning certain

advantages like ways in the faster file maintenance and management.

Now that the development is as fast as the times goes-by, the province of Occidental

Mindoro increases more school, especially the High School almost in every barangay is have

a High School. The San Jose National High School (SJNHS) is one of have a big population of

student in Occidental Mindoro look for something that would help develop and ease office

working condition by adopting upgrading enrolment system. Upgrading of Enrolment process

in the key wherein the employee assigned in the registration office maintained to manage their

time and lessen the burden as work can be done easily through the use of upgrading enrolment


These School proposing to adopt and accept the system that would help to facilitate easier

and faster data processing. The assigned employee were able to improve and develop their skill

in computer.
The San Jose National High School started in July 3, 1989 as a “boarder” at the Divine

Word College. It had ten (10) teachers and 127 students. And lately it become ninety (90)

Students per section in all year levels faced the faculty. From the initial enrolment of students

Handled by ten (10) teachers in 1989, San Jose National High School, a public secondary school

with fiscal autonomy, now has total of two thousand sixty seven (2067) students with eighty

seven (87) teaching and non teaching personnel.The establishment of coming students and the

process of enrolment is the possible reason why they need the automation of student registration

wherein typographical error and misplacement as well as loss of registration often times occur.

Upgrading Enrolment System in student registration will be the solution in order to come up

with easy, effective, efficient and easiest way of filling and retrieval of files.

Project Context

An important issue for the development of a project is the selection of suitable front-end and back-end. When we decided to develop the project we went through an extensive study to determine the most suitable platform that suits the needs of the organization as well as helps in development of the project.

The aspects of our study included the following factors

The study specifically seeks to answer the following problems in manual enrollment and grading process:   

    • Storage of files is susceptible to be damaged as well as lost of data. • Significance of Study
    • Speed in processing enrollment will have a faster performance by means of decreasing the Manual input areas.
    • Manual System errors will be prevented by automatic computations that the proposed system will provide and you may not have to worry about having financial or legal trouble.     • The proposed system will record all data in all reports at the same time so you can make sure They are consistent and it also saves time.

    • Storage of files will be safe and secured with “username and passwords” and can easily Accessed. •Lack of data security

Purpose and Description

The purpose of this system is to make easy and faster in looking and generating list for the registration of the Enrolled student. 1. Form 138...
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