Autocratic DBQ

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Palace of Versailles, Monarchy Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: February 10, 2015
Dominique Bryden
Global II-DBQ Essay
Ms. Hart
3 October 2013

Autocratic Leaders

Throughout the development of history, Autocratic leaders have tried to authorize their people and country. Two such leaders are Czar Peter the Great and King Louis XIV. However, the process they’ve decided to pursue has either helped or hurt their countries. Czar Peter the Great declined in creating Russia’s firm middle class, but managed to succeed in the reinforcement of Russia’s great power. While Louis XIV agonized his country by regulating his people.

Autocrat Czar Peter the Great greatly contributed to Russia’s economic weakness. Michael Gibson stated, “Peter signally [noticeably] failed to create the large, thriving middle class that Russia needed” (Doc.6). Peter was known for being poignant and oppressive, which often interfered with pursing this accomplishment. The costly taxes that attended his reforms, also had an effect on this acquisition. Unfortunately, this led to mutiny between citizens; bestowing the complications of this goal.

Despite the fact that Peter the Great significantly struggled with establishing Russia’s substantive middle class, without a doubt, he was able to acquire the extensive power of Russia. Peter’s rule on Russia allowed others to become intimidated. “He made it into great power feared by all,” said Michael Gibson (Doc.6). Peter the Great took a numerous amount of actions to achieve and maintain this country of absolute power. He westernized Russia and expanded the empire. Peter also made other changes to his country such as language, culture, clothing, and more. He even modernized the army which had a huge amount of people. And to help pay for the maintenance of the army, Peter imposed heavy taxes. Overall, the country may not have liked the new changes but, it impacted them; as others looked upon them as the “role model”, that demonstrated a country of great power.

Autocratic leader Louis XIV was a very selfish man and he...
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