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Advantage & Disadvantage of CAD|
In the work place, technology has significantly change the way we go about our every day jobs, in design the introduction of computers and computer software has identified new and exciting ways to go about the design process. Computers have contributed to design for quite a while by providing analysis tools, data-bases and computer-aided drafting tools. Since its introduction 1960s CAD tools have been developed to more user friendly programs we use today.The last 4 decades has been a back and forward process. It has jumped back and forth between attempts to totally automate the entire design process, to its partial support as a drafting mechanism, from a representation of objects properties, to complete modeling and visualization tool.Design is an intelligent human process activity which requires many skills and lots of knowledge. Design problems can be solved by individuals or by teams. They may take minutes or years. Design occurs in a wide variety of domains, ranging from the design of a Nuclear Power Plant to that of a simple glass bottle. The general design process is often characterised as mapping needs, functions and structures, this process is carried out by using many different types of analysis and different sources of information. Hand-drawn plans or sketchers can be all a computer aided draftsperson or a modeler needs to get to complete a job. On projects without structural work that don’t require permits, even a quick sketch might be sufficient.This computing evolution has precipitated a fundamental re-evaluation of space and time. The transition between pre-industrial conditions to a world of computers and cyberspace, taking place in the best part of half a century, affecting the modern designer’s concept of space, which has been an intangible medium for centuries and through constant manipulation and thought, has distinguished the design profession. The value of a computer-aided design (CAD) programs depends entirely on what kind of jobs you do how much design work they regularly involve and the expectations of your client base.Many consumers can’t envision the result of a 3D modeling project, and therefore have a hard time signing off on a contract. Programs that create realistic two dimensional or three-dimensional images of what the client or designer proposes down to the light at different times of day can help make the sale. Other consumers might not see the charm of a hand-drawn design and consider CAD drawings more professional. CAD programs can definitely accelerate the design process, especially if you do a lot of design work or have clients who change their mind frequently during the design phase. With CAD programs you can change one element of the design, perhaps lengthening one wall of a room, and the proportions of the other walls, the materials list and other affected elements update automatically. Even if your company doesn’t create the design, the ability to share files electronically with suppliers, subcontractors and architects can improve productivity and smooth production.Advantages in using CAD * Reduces conceptional time for new designs * Products can be created more quickly. * Costly mistakes in design or production can be avoided. * Reduced Manufacturing time. * Documentation can be printed in various forms for multiple users. * Ease of document reproduction and cloning * Visualization of complex technical elements * The quality of designs. * Clarity of documentation. * Easier to apply new ideas.Disadvantages in using CAD * Training. * Expansive start up costs (hardware, software, and training). * Hard to get the conceptional form.The benefits of 3D CAD design fall into two categories :Key Benefits :Using 3D design modeling greatly improves design quality because it is a more complete process than 2D design. As a result, many human errors that can occur with traditional 2D design methods are avoided. In the past problems...

References:          ( Narayan K. Lalit (2008). “Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing”. New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India. pp.3 – 4. )
         Madsen, David A
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