Autobiography Of A Little Girl1

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A Girl Living In Her Small Yet Wonderful World
This is a story of a life of an ordinary girl with, well not so ordinary story. This little girl was born on July 15, 1994 at the Pagamutang Pangmasa ng Laguna, Brgy. Maitim, Bay, Laguna. She is the eldest and the only daughter of Ronaldo and Digna Lapitan. Her life was not so special but a little dramatic. Let's call this girl Jane.

Pre-Elementary Days
People are saying that Jane is beautiful girl. Well, maybe because at early age of 5 she had already her first kiss to a guy named Bryan. The first-kiss-story was Bryan and the girl were classmates in their nursery class and the little started telling her that he liked her and he wanted to kiss her. The boy was always running after her, literally, until he finally reached the girl and kissed her. After that incident, nothing special happened to her until she turned 6 and was studying Kindergarten at Bay Central Elementary School. Jane met another little boy named Bret who became her first crush. Bret was the first guy who gave her a love letter saying "I love you." This puppy love between them became the reason why their mothers met and their families became close friends. A valentine event on their school that the participants would be going in a parade. Since, her and Bret's parents were very supportive parents, hey made them joined the competition and paired them up. She was wearing a white gown while Bret was wearing a checkered long sleeves and a cream pants. They looked so cute together back then. March 31, 2001 was her graduation day. She waked up early and prepared for the graduation ceremony with not too much make on her small face. She received awards which were Best in Filipino and Best in Mathematics.

Elementary Days
Elementary days for her was not so special. She was in third grade when she first had a very huge crush to a very handsome guy named Aren. This boy was her classmate since Kindergarten but she only noticed him when they were already 9 years old because they became best friends including a girl named Roxanne. The three of them were so close with each other. But their friendship started to fall when Aren and Roxanne became in a relationship and this happened when they were in the fifth grade. Suddenly, they broke up and Jane was so happy but after few months another one of her close friends named Cristine became Aren's girlfriend. This made her cry big time. She cried in front of the mirror asking herself why didn't he loved her she even more beautiful than Cristine and her elbows are a lot whiter that Cristine's. Bein broken hearted made her study more and joined different co-curricular activites.

She joined journalism contest in New Writing Category in Filipino and luckily, she reached division level. Jane also played Chess in the district level and even won third place. She excelled in Hekasi that's why she became one of the representatives of their school in Hekasi Quiz Bee and their team won Fourth Place. Exactly 6 years after her Kindergarten graduation, Jane's elemtary graduation happened. She was awarded as the 6th honorable mention among the 199 students who graduated in their school. Her parents became very proud of her and this made her realize that she instead of thinking about her love life she should just focus on her studies and make her parents more happy.

High School Days
High School was very memorable for her. Jane was enrolled in Little Peoples' School Incorporated in Bay, Laguna as a transferee in the first year class. June 2007 when she met her 19 boys and 10 girls classmates. July in that year they had a project in Earth Science some of her groupmates were Micah, Victoria, and Rosmund. They exchanged numbers so that they can contact each other. They went to Victoria's house and did the project. Spending time in that short period of time jane got to see how smart Rosmund was and that made her fall in love with him. They became...
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